pomoc migrantom po návrate domov Kosovo

Sheremet from Kosovo: With the help of IOM, we managed to create our own home

The 31-year old Sheremet Beqiri lived in Kosovo at his cousin’s house with his entire family. However, they could not have stayed with him long-term. The unresolved housing situation was one of the reasons they decided to leave. Attempting to reach western Europe, Mr Beqiri and his family were arrested in the territory of Slovakia.

At the beginning of 2015, a reintegration plan was developed together with IOM staff, focused on the construction of a house which would ensure permanent accommodation to the family of four and improve their living conditions. Upon the clients’ return to Kosovo, IOM provided support with the purchase of construction material, while the remaining costs of construction were covered by Mr Beqiri and a construction parcel was provided by his father.

“I am happy we are back, because being abroad would be suffering for me, as well as for my family. I am satisfied that we have returned and feel grateful for the assistance received,” says Mr Beqiri.

(Names of the persons have been published with their consent. / Names of the persons have been altered to protect their identity.)

You may read more about the assistance provided by IOM to migrants after returning home on the website of the Assisted Voluntary Returns and Reintegrations Programme.


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