A family without a home starts a new life

A family with three little children left Kosovo, having lost their house during the war conflict and applied for asylum in Slovakia. During the asylum procedure, they decided to return home and registered in the IOM Assisted Voluntary Returns and Reintegrations Programme (AVRR).

IOM staff assisted them during their return and provided reintegration support which helped them face problems awaiting immediately after the return home: covered rent expenses, contributed to purchasing basic household goods and construction material.

Within the pre-departure counselling, IOM staff provide the family all necessary information, arrange valid travel documents, flight tickets and prepare a return plan.
An IOM employee accompanies the clients at the airport, all the way to the entrance to the airplane.
IOM Bratislava assistance with the returnees’ reintegration also included purchase of a chainsaw and a horse with a carriage, used by the family to supplement their income by collecting wood and scrap material, thus ensuring a long-term source of income.

You may read more about reintegration assistance to migrants on the website of the AVRR Programme.

(Names of the persons have been published with their consent. / Names of the persons have been altered to protect their identity.)


Sheremet from Kosovo: With the help of IOM, we managed to create our own home

The 31-year old Sheremet Beqiri lived in Kosovo at his cousin’s house with his entire family. However, they could not have stayed with him long-term.

Nikola from Kosovo: Production of milk

One of the successful examples of reintegration assistance provided by IOM Bratislava is the story of Nikola from Kosovo. Nikola was an irregular migrant who decided to return back home to look after his sick father.