pomoc IOM migrantom po návrate domov Irak

Samer from Iraq: IOM assistance played a major role in my life

Samer Hasani found himself in a difficult personal situation in Iraq. He decided to go to Europe, after saving money for the journey for a long time. He managed to leave, however, having no residence permit he was detained in Slovakia. After considering several options, he eventually turned to IOM and asked for help with his return home. IOM arranged a substitute travel document and flight tickets for his travel back home.

After returning to Iraq, Samer resumed his university studies, but decided to find a job due to lack of finances. He addressed IOM and applied for reintegration assistance, in order to be able to partner with an already established barber shop, where he also began to work. Thanks to his previous experiences and quality services, he quickly managed to build a stable clientele. Samer works hard to achieve his goals. He plans to improve his English, apply for more hairdressing and barbering courses, believing he will once manage to open his own salon.

Thanks to the IOM reintegration assistance, Samer has a stable income with which he can also support his family. In the future, he plans to expand his services.

“I enjoy my work very much and IOM help played a major role in my life,” he says.

More information on IOM assistance to migrants during and after their return home from Slovakia: www.avr.iom.sk.

(Names of the persons have been published with their consent. / Names of the persons have been altered to protect their identity.)


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