Xuan Quynh from Vietnam: I went abroad for work to help my family

Mr Xuan Quynh spent more than four years in Slovakia. Initially, he intended to work in Great Britain in order to make money for his family. “I only got to Bratislava as I could not afford to pay for the entire trip,” he says. He lived in Slovakia without a residence permit. “Living in a foreign country without my family, my wife and children was difficult. Because my family needed me, I decided to return home.”

While he was away, his wife had a small business selling mobile phones. IOM assisted Xuan Quynh with his return home to the Dong Nai Province in Vietnam and provided financial support which he used for purchasing mobile phones and other accessories to expand the shop. Thanks to the assistance, Xuan Quynh can work and live with his family in his home country.

Watch a documentary film about Xuan Quynh’s story (a film from the series Migrants’ Stories after Returning Home):

(Names of the persons have been published with their consent. / Names of the persons have been altered to protect their identity.)

Other true stories of migrants returning home from Slovakia with the help of IOM within the Assisted Voluntary Returns and Reintegrations Programme may be found on the website www.avr.iom.sk.


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