pomoc IOM migrantom po návrate domov Vietnam krajčírska dielňa

Chien from Vietnam: Setting up of a sewing workshop

Mr. Chien is one of the Vietnamese migrant workers who came to Slovakia for work. He found a job as a bricklayer. He used to do this kind of work also in Vietnam before.

Because of the world economic crisis, after two years of work in Slovakia, he lost his job and had to leave the country. IOM assisted Mr. Chien with his plan based on re-opening of a sewing workshop. The workshop would help not only the returnee but it could potentially also bring jobs to the region where the returnee lives. Mr. Chien received reintegration assistance from IOM in the form of purchase of sewing machines. The returnee also contributed by purchase of further sewing and rimming machines. According to the monitoring report, the sewing workshop is operational and the workshop provided jobs to the returnee and other 10 employees. The implementation of his reintegration scheme provides an example of how assistance to one returnee can have a positive impact on wider community in the country of origin.

More information on IOM assistance to migrants during and after their return home from Slovakia: www.avr.iom.sk.

(Names of the persons have been published with their consent. / Names of the persons have been altered to protect their identity.)


Minh from Vietnam: Without IOM support, I could not have returned home

Mr Minh left his native country of Vietnam in 2008, came to Slovakia legally and found employment as a factory worker.

Mrs My from Vietnam: I am happy I could have returned to my children

Mrs My left Vietnam and left for Russia to help her sister. For some time, she lived in Moscow with her son and worked in a textile factory.

Xuan Quynh from Vietnam: I went abroad for work to help my family

Mr Xuan Quynh spent more than four years in Slovakia. Initially, he intended to work in Great Britain in order to make money for his family.