strecha domu pred a po oprave

Anna and Fedir from Ukraine: We are relieved, finally we do not have to worry about our leaking roof

The couple from Ukraine lives in an older family house in the mountainous Ivano-Frankivsk region. Due to its location, the house is exposed to a big amount of rain and snow. The family had long been bothered by a leaking roof as the water was destroying the walls and ceiling.

Mr. Fedir works at a local school and Mrs. Anna is on a disability pension. From their low incomes, they could not save enough for roof repairs. In addition, Mrs. Anna takes care of her sick mother, which costs other considerable expenses. That’s why they decided to take advantage of the attractive offer to make money abroad.

However, this plan did not turn out as expected – the agency through which they were employed in Slovakia did not report a change of their employer. For this reason the new employer could not submit proper documents during the official inspection. According to the law, the couple had to leave Slovakia earlier than they originally intended.

They returned to Ukraine with the help of IOM, which also provides returnees with additional assistance to improve the quality of life upon their return home. Fedir and Anna, together with an IOM worker in Ukraine, prepared a plan to repair their leaking roof. IOM bought the couple new tiles and other material needed. When the weather finally allowed it, the family paid for the workers to repair their roof.

Thanks to IOM help, the couple got a high-quality roof over their heads. Also, they no longer need to look for other alternatives how to earn extra money with an unclear outcome.

At first, my husband didn’t believe it would work. Our desire for a new roof has turned into reality and we are very happy and satisfied. “

(The names of the persons have been modified to protect them.)

More information on IOM assistance to migrants during and after their return home from Slovakia: www.avr.iom.sk.


Lavra from Ukraine: I have done everything I could to support my daughter

In the past, Ms. Lavra has left Ukraine for work several times. In 2020, she decided to take this step again to earn a living and studies for her daughter.

Ivan from Ukraine: After returning home, what I needed most was accommodation and work. With the help of IOM, I got both.

Ivan lost his residence permit in Slovakia. At the same time, he recieved an entry ban covering the European Union.

Yuliya from Ukraine: I want to use the chance to start a new life

Yuliya left her home in Ukraine at the age of 20. Her departure was motivated by family reasons, desire for independence and earning some money abroad.