In 2015 IOM assisted 92 migrants with returning home to 15 countries

In year 2015 IOM realized 92 assisted voluntary returns of migrants to 15 countries of origin. Most of them returned to Serbia – Kosovo (55) and to Iraq (15). IOM assisted them with acquiring temporary travel documents, provided food, travel tickets, departure and transit assistance at the airport and if needed also the transfer to their place of residence.

The total number of migrants returning voluntarily from Slovakia with IOM since 2004 increased to 1 258. In the period 2004-2015 IOM organized returns to 61 countries, in 2015 for the first time to the Philippines, Palestine, Somalia or Sudan.

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Since 2007 IOM has been providing the returnees also with the reintegration assistance , in order to ensure their basic needs upon their return. In 2015 IOM provided reintegration assistance to 17 individuals or whole families worth of 31,275.53 euro in Georgia, India, Iraq, Kenya, Kosovo, Mexico, Moldavia and Vietnam. The returnees used the assistance mainly to start small businesses that would generate income for them and their families as well as for material assistance to improve their living conditions.

Since 2007 IOM provided reintegration upon return to 184 individuals or whole families in 25 countries all over the world. They were awarded reintegration assistance in total amount of more than 280,000 euro.

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Voluntary Return and Reintegration in Country of Origin (Individual Project).

This project is co-funded by the European Union from the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF). Internal Security Fund.

Assisted Voluntary Returns and Reintegrations
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