The return step by step

International Organization for Migration (IOM) offers unsuccessful asylum seekers and illegal migrants the Assisted Voluntary Return and Reintegration Programme (AVRR).  Through the AVRR Programme migrants can return home in a dignified, safe and legal manner. It is a humane way of return without any physical or mental coercion.

Services related to the voluntary return are free of charge.

Who can apply for the return?

Migrants without residence permit in Slovakia, migrants stranded in transit area, asylum seekers and unsuccessful asylum seekers.

What do we offer?

Assistance in arranging the travel documents

To be able to depart from Slovakia, the applicant needs to possess a valid travel document. If he/she does not have a passport, IOM officer provides him with a form of his/her country’s embassy to apply for a substitute travel document. It is necessary to attach 4 passport size photographs and if possible a copy of an identification document as well (such as ID card, birth certificate, passport copy, etc.). In case of need the IOM officer takes picture of the applicant directly at the IOM office. The completed documentation of application for substitute travel document will be delivered by IOM on behalf of the applicant to the appropriate consulate . How long it takes to issue the travel document depends exclusively on applicant’s embassy.

Assistance with preparation and planning of the return

IOM, in cooperation with the applicant, will arrange the means of transportation and the date of return and purchase the travel tickets or flight ticket. The applicant receives the flight ticket at the airport. In case the applicant holds valid travel documents, he/she can usually return within two weeks´ time.

Assistance at the airport when departing from the Slovak Republic and with transfer in transit countries

On the day of return IOM officer will meet and accompany the returnee at the airport in Slovakia and if necessary at the airports in transit countries and in the country of origin as well. IOM officer will assist the returnee at the airport with check-in, passport control and in the departure hall.

Transit within Slovak republic, transport to the country of origin and transfer form the airport home

When returning IOM will arrange transfer for migrant from the place of his/her current residence in Slovakia to the airport. If necessary, IOM in country of origin will provide returnee with transfer from the airport to his/her place of residence.

Assistance with reintegration in the country of origin (financial assistance with business, material assistance, etc.).

Registered applicants for voluntary return to the country of origin can apply for reintegration assistance in the country of origin. IOM officer offers applicants the possibility to receive a reintegration grant for the purposes of business, education, material assistance or alternatively other forms of assistance. Reintegration assistance is provided in-kind (in the form of goods and services), i.e. IOM arranges direct payments for goods and services to providers. Migrants subsequently receive the goods and services from providers.

The stories of migrants who were provided with reintegration assistance.

Contact IOM.

You are kindly invited to visit the IOM office on Grösslingová Street 35 in Bratislava or on Poštová Street 1 in Košice.

Success stories

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Voluntary Return and Reintegration in Country of Origin (Individual Project).

This project is co-funded by the European Union from the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF). Internal Security Fund.

Assisted Voluntary Returns and Reintegrations
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