How can you participate?

Do you have any question related to voluntary return or reintegration? Do you want to assist foreigner to receive information on the options of voluntary return and reintegration?

Contact IOM

Call us on anonymous low-rate AVRR Programme helpline 0850 211 262. We will provide you with information on assisted voluntary returns and reintegrations and related procedures.

Do you intend to assist migrant with his return to and reintegration in his country of origin?

Register an applicant for voluntary return

Fill in the IOM registration form, which is available on the AVRR web site (forms in various languages). In order to assist you with filling in of the registration form, an example of a completed registration form can be downloaded from here. The completed and signed original form should be delivered personally or sent by post to the IOM address:

IOM International Organization for Migration
Grösslingová 4
811 09 Bratislava

The registration form can be also sent via e-mail or by fax:

Fax: 02 52630093

IOM will register the registration form, get in touch with the applicant by phone and arrange an appointment with him in the IOM Office in Bratislava or Košice. IOM will process the necessary administrative procedures and if the applicant has a valid travel document, IOM will start with preparation of his return to the country of origin.

Success stories

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Voluntary Return and Reintegration in Country of Origin (Individual Project).

This project is co-funded by the European Union from the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF). Internal Security Fund.

Assisted Voluntary Returns and Reintegrations
International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Slovakia