What about travel documents

Do you have a valid travel document?

YES, I do have a valid travel document.

To leave Slovakia, you must have a valid travel document. Show your original travel document to the IOM officer who will check its validity and make a copy of it.

NO, I do not have a valid travel document, what shall I do?

If you do not have a valid travel document, IOM will help you to obtain a substitute travel document. To do this, IOM will cooperate with your country’s embassy, therefore your cooperation and providing of correct details to us is very important. IOM officer or a social worker will help you complete a form of your country’s embassy to apply for substitute travel documents. To issue the actual substitute travel document, 4 passport photographs must be attached to the form and if possible a copy of an identity  document containing your photograph (ID card, driving license, birth certificate, or passport). Your relatives can mail a copy of such a proof of identity to IOM or fax it to IOM fax number 00421 2 5263 0093.

Issuance of your substitute travel documents is fully in the hands of your country’s embassy. It will verify your identity and issue a substitute travel document within a given time period. IOM has no influence on the embassy’s decision or length of the issuance procedure. Fast verification of your identity depends on true and accurate information you provide. If the embassy fails to verify your identity, it may not issue substitute travel document for you and thus IOM will not be able to carry out your return to your country of origin.

A substitute travel document is valid for a limited time only and serves for the purpose of returning to your country of origin only. IOM will cover any costs linked with issuing of a substitute travel document.

Requests for substitute travel documents

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