Preparation of your return

What does preparation of your departure include?

After registering you into the Assisted Voluntary Return and Reintegration Programme IOM informs the Burreau of the Border and Alien Police of the Police Corps Presidium of the Ministry of Interior about your registration into the AVRR Programme. Burreau of the Border and Alien Police may approve or reject your inclusion into the Programme. If your return with IOM is approved, IOM books a flight ticket for you. If you are placed in one of the asylum or detention facilities of the Ministry of Interior, IOM informs social workers there of the date of your departure. Social workers will then relay all the necessary information regarding your departure to you.

Your task is to pack things you want to take with you – the price of flight ticket includes your luggage as well. However, it is necessary to respect the rules for passenger luggage transport (read bellow) applicable to all departures from the European Union regardless of destination.

You can check the status of preparations for your departure until the day when you depart, simply by calling our helpline 0850 211 262, or in person at the IOM’s offices in Bratislava and Košice, or from IOM officers during their visits to the asylum and detention facilities of the Ministry of Interior.

Important! Instructions for packing your luggage:

You can take a maximum of 20 kg per passenger (for checked-in luggage) and one piece of on-board luggage not exceeding 6 kg (including an umbrella, handbag, clothes) and no bigger than 56 x 45 x 25 cm. If the luggage exceeds weight limits, additional fee applies which IOM does not cover. Therefore it is in your best interest to weight your luggage before going to the airport. It is strictly forbidden to take the following items on board: items that could be used for stabbing, slashing or cutting (weapons or weapon replicas, knives, blades, scissors, drills, (cork)screws, tweezers, files, etc.), any items and explosive, combustive, chemical and toxic substances that can cause injury (baseball bats, golf clubs, hockey sticks, fishing rods, explosive and combustive materials – fireworks, pyrotechnics, alcoholic beverages over 70% vol., petrol, oil, liquid lighters, alcohol, ethanol, fuses and detonators, butane, propane, acetylene, acids, corrosives, e.g. tear gas, pepper spray, poisons). Such items will be taken from you during luggage control. Very strict rules apply to liquids. Liquids include: water, soups, syrups, creams, lotions and oils, perfumes, toothpastes, etc. You can take on board with you only a small amount of liquids. The maximum volume of a single package may be 100 milliliters (1 dcl). Liquids must be packed in a see-through re-sealable bag no bigger than 1 liter of volume. Exempt from this rule are liquids to be consumed during the flight and medications if the health conditions require so, or baby food. In such a case, passengers must present a medical certificate (recommendation from a medical doctor) or present another proof that their health condition requires that they take liquids on board with them. Otherwise any such liquids and items should be placed in the checked-in luggage.

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