Return to your country of origin

What does the departure day look like?

I am in Slovakia illegally

Your transportation to the airport can be, upon agreement, arranged by an IOM officer or you can arrange it yourself, whether by bus or train. At the airport, IOM officer will reimburse the costs for your travel ticket from the place of your stay to the airport after you have submitted the ticket to IOM officer as a proof of your travel costs. IOM will not cover fuel expenses if you arrive at the airport by car.

Important: Travel expenses can be reimbursed only after original travel tickets were presented.

I am an asylum seeker

Transport from the asylum or detention facility to the airport on the departure day will be arranged by the Ministry of Interior. An IOM officer will be awaiting you at the airport. He will guide you all the way through to the transit area and help you with all the procedures at luggage check-in and passport control. At the airport, the IOM officer will also give you your flight ticket, travel documents, financial allowance and an IOM plastic bag in case you transit through other airports in a transit country. You will be travelling as a regular tourist; flight crew will not be informed of the character of your return.

What is the procedure with return through a third (transit) country?

Changing planes at big international airports can be time-demanding and stressful. To avoid potential problems, an IOM officer from that country will be there to assist you. He will identify you by the IOM plastic bag so please hold it visibly.

In the country of origin:

If requested in the registration form, IOM officer will be awaiting you in your country of origin and he will arrange your transport from the airport all the way to your home.


Registration form for Assisted Voluntary Returns Programme (English)
Application for issuance of substitute travel documents (English)

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Voluntary Return and Reintegration in Country of Origin (Individual Project).

This project is co-funded by the European Union from the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF). Internal Security Fund.

Assisted Voluntary Returns and Reintegrations
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