How can I register into the Assisted Voluntary Return and Reintegration Programme

I have decided to return home with IOM. What shall I do?

I am in Slovakia illegally

Call us on the anonymous IOM info-line 0850 211 262. We will give you basic information on assisted voluntary returns and reintegrations and arrange a meeting in an IOM office either in Bratislava or Košice.

I am an asylum seeker

If you are placed in an asylum facility or a detention camp of the Ministry of Interior, call us at anonymous AVRR Programme helpline 0850 211 262 or inform your social worker about your decision on your voluntary return with IOM. Ask them to arrange an appointment with IOM for you. At the earliest possible occasion, the visiting IOM officer will tell you everything necessary about the assisted return and about the possibility to obtain a reintegration grant.

Complete the IOM’s registration form which also serves as application for the programme. Whenever possible, IOM officer will assist you with filling in of the form. If necessary, IOM will arrange an interpreter for easier communication and registration.

If a meeting with an IOM officer is not possible, you can find the registration form on in the following languages: English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Vietnamese, Hindu, Persian, Arabic, Moldovan, Georgian, Armenian and Slovak. To complete the form, you can follow a sample. If you travel with other family members or minor children, you have to include their data into the application as well.

Deliver the completed form either in person or by mail to the following address:

International Organization for Migration (IOM)
Grösslingová 35
811 09 Bratislava


Registration form for Assisted Voluntary Returns Programme (English)

Application for issuance of substitute travel documents (English)

Universal form for issuing a Substitute Travel Document (English)

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Voluntary Return and Reintegration in Country of Origin (Individual Project).

This project is co-funded by the European Union from the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF). Internal Security Fund.

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