UKRAINE: Insulation and reconstruction of a house


Mr. Bogdan Rudyk comes from Ukraine, one of the biggest and poorest countries in Europe.


Due to bad economic situation 50-year old Bogdan and his wife decided to leave Ukraine and search for a job in Slovakia. After their plan failed they decided to make use of assistance offered by IOM International Organisation for Migration and return home within the framework of the AVRR programme.

The married couple with two daughters has owned an old simple house in Ukraine, but high maintenance costs and costs of energy complicated their life situation. After the family’s return home, IOM Bratislava decided to help them with their troubles and contributed to for buying some building materials and new windows. Then client realized all the reconstruction and insulation work by himself. The family was very satisfied with IOM’s fast and effective reintegration assistance.  


With renovation and insulation of the house they have achieved the decrease of high energy consumption and go down with their heating costs. Generally it has improved their living conditions in Ukraine. The family from Velesniv has become a positive example for other migrants returning from Slovakia back to Ukraine and their interest in getting the reintegration assistance and support has increased. Growing number of successful reintegration stories in Ukraine was also noted.

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Voluntary Return and Reintegration in Country of Origin (Individual Project).

This project is co-funded by the European Union from the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF). Internal Security Fund.

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