KOSOVO: Opening of a restaurant


Safet comes from Kosovo which despite the termination of the armed phase of the conflict, continues to suffer from high unemployment rate.









The unemployment rate reaches up to 40% which makes job search in Kosovo a very difficult task. Safet belongs to the very category of people who in order to support their families, had to change several jobs. Safet himself used to work as a barber, shop assistant, cook for an international organisation and he also used to run his own restaurant in the past. Safet speaks Albanian, Serbian, Slovak and some basic English. Because of his mixed Serbian Albanian ancestry the returnee faced various threats and as he feared for his safety and the safety of his family he decided to apply for asylum in Slovakia. He chose Slovakia on the basis of linguistic similarity. In the course of his asylum procedure, Safet decided to return home and registered into AVRR Programme. He returned home together with his wife and three daughters. Together with IOM he elaborated a reintegration plan based on opening of a restaurant. Following the approval of his plan, as a part of reintegration assistance, basic equipment for his restaurant was purchased. Safet opened his restaurant and in addition to himself, the restaurant employs another two employees. The income from the restaurant enables the returnee to support himself, his wife and their three daughters.  


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