How to register into the AVRR Programme?

In accordance with the AVRR rules it is necessary for the applicant to fill out the IOM registration form which constitutes a formal and binding registration in the Programme.

Migrant can obtain the registration form at different places and by different means: the registration form is available on this web site, or obtain it from employees at asylum facilities of the Migration Office of the Ministry of Interior of Slovakia or at detention centres of the Bureau of Border and Alien Police of the Police Corps Presidium of the Ministry of Interior. Additionally, migrants can contact an IOM officer directly during his/her visit to the asylum facility or detention centre of the Ministry of Interior (hereinafter MoI). Migrants can also call IOM directly using the anonymous AVRR Programme helpline 0850 211 262. IOM workers will give the migrant basic information about assisted voluntary returns and will arrange for an appointment in IOM office in Bratislava or Košice.

The IOM registration form is available in various language versions: except Slovak and English version there are also versions in the Arabic, Armenian, Chinese, French, Georgian, Hindu, Macedonian, Moldavian, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Turkish and Vietnamese language.

How to fill out the registration form?

  • The registration form must be filled out either in the Slovak or English language.
  • The registration form is filled out by an employee of the MoI of Slovakia or by an IOM worker in the presence of the migrant. If needed, they are assisted by an interpreter.
  • It is necessary to fill in as much data as possible, including the immigration status of the applicant, the type of MoI facility in which s/he resides at the moment, date of arrival to Slovakia, date of registration to the IOM Programme, information about available documents, name, date and place of birth, as well as place of return, state citizenship and nationality. It is necessary to indicate in which accommodation facility the migrant resides at the given moment.
  • In case the migrant resides outside of MoI facilities, it is necessary to indicate where the migrant is registered and which MoI office registered him/her.
  • It is necessary to indicate the information about number and validity of the travel document in the registration form.
  • There is an allocated space in the form that should be used for other information relating to the migrant. Special requirements or circumstances under which the migrant is returning to country of origin (e.g. family problems) should be indicated here.
  • When filling out the form it is essential to take into consideration the final declaration in the registration form. This declaration pertains to voluntariness of the return, to the migrant’s being aware of his/her own situation which led to making the decision about voluntary return, to his/her good physical and mental health and his/her full concsiousness and awareness when fulfilling and signing the form.
  • Moreover, the final declaration states that the assisted return to country of origin can be organized only once and that the migrant will not settle down or stay in a different country.
  • In case of voluntary return of a whole family, children under 18 years of age are indicated in the registration form of the mother or father, depending on their choice. Every member of family wil fill out a separate registration form, including children above 18 years of age. In case of children under 18 years of age whose names are indicated in the registration form of one of their parents, the final declaration is signed by both parents. In specific cases of threat a special approach might be considered.
  • The migrant signs the form as a way of confirming the information in the form is correct.
  • In case of an illiterate migrant, s/he will make a sign in the space allocated for signature.

The registration form is considered to be valid provided it contains personal data of the applicant, is signed by both the applicant and IOM worker, eventually by an authorised MoI employee and provided it contains a correct date.

Where to submit the registration form?

The original of a filled-out and signed registration form must be submitted to IOM office. Applicant can hand in the form to an IOM worker who regularly visits MoI facilities or to a social worker of this facility who will send the form to IOM. Alternatively, the migrant can send the form to this address:


International Organization for Migration (IOM)

To speed up the process it is also possible to first send the form by fax and then send the original by post.

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