How to obtain travel documents

All persons travelling with the assistance of IOM must possess valid travel documents (passport, emergency travel document) which are accepted in country of origin/return.

If the migrant does not possess a valid travel document, it is necessary to apply for issuance of an emergency travel document at the nearest embassy or consular office of the country in question.

To obtain this travel document it is very helpful if the migrant possesses some document proving his/her identity (e.g. a driver’s licence, ID, copy of these documents or a passport copy). Copies of these documents can be sent to the migrant by his/her family from his/her country of origin to IOM address, alternatively they can send these documents via fax or scan them and send them via email.

If the migrant does not possess any document proving his/her identity, the embassy of country of origin will verifiy his/her identity and after identification will issue a substitute travel document (hereinafter STD).

Emergency travel document is of a limited time validity and serves only to organize the return to a country of origin.

Expenses incurred by the issuance of STD are covered by IOM.

When applying for STD it is necessary to submit:

  • a filled-out form requesting the issuance of STD,
  • 4 current passport-size-photos,
  • a written request for the issuance of STD – on a blank sheet of paper written by hand and indicating reason for the request (the request is to be written in mother tongue),
  • documents proving identity of the applicant, or their copies at least.

IOM usually assists with establishing contact with embassies and with provision of travel documents. However, the migrant can arrange for his/her document to be issued himself/herself. It is enough to fill out the request form and deliver it in person or send by post to the embassy or consular office of his/her country along with 4 photos and a copy of document proving his/her identity.

The provision of travel documents is easier with the assistance of IOM given the good relationship and long-term cooperation of IOM with different embassies. This assistance is an integral part of assistance provided to applicants registered in the AVRR Programme. Moreover, IOM can help the applicants in case they need travel visa.

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